Get into Self employment

Become an independent Irish Entrepreneur and hire out your own workforce, example: as a Driver, Caregiver, Tiler etc.!

Increase your profit due to the low taxes in Ireland, (*) for your Staff Hire Agency, that we will establish for you, and through the low ancillary charges (**) that you as an employed Managing Director in Ireland would have to pay.

You do not have to live in Ireland and also do not require the english language.

You do not need to travel to Ireland in order to start up a Company, we will start up your Irish Limited as a Staff-Hire Agency, and we will register you and your Company in Ireland.

After the establishment of the Company, we take care of your Bookkeeping, tax returns, balance sheets and also your Personnel bookkeeping, incase you would like to expand and would like to employ more Staff. Our Secretarial Service can assist you, with your Office work, in order for you to be available to provide Customers satisfaction.

(*) Corporate tax (income tax for a company) = 12,5 %
(**) Ancillary charges (Income tax, social contributions,  unemployement-, Pensions and Health Insurance) = 12 %

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