Application for a Transport Permit in The Netherlands

To obtain a dutch transport permit for a B.V. with one transcript (for 1 Lorry Driver), we request from the Excecutive Director from the B.V. a simple Police clearance certificate (not older than 2 Months) and proof of the B.V. by depositing into an account, that the B.V. can dispose of free of assets of 9000.- €.

For a EU- Transport permit with 5 Transcripts, for example would have to have free available assets in the Sum of 9000.- € + 4 X 5000.- € = 2900.- € in money or real values that can be proven.

Values (for example Vehicles) would have to be overwritten to the B.V. in order to be recognized as assets.

Additionally the Excecutive Director should take a proficiency test.

If he does not have a proficiency test, he can hire an extreme Traffic Manager for the B.V. with  monthly at least 20 Hours of work and a hourly rate of i.H.v 18.36 € = 367.20 € gross.

We can offer you a extreme Traffic Manager!

Application of a Community licence (EU-Transport permit)

Since 2004 we are only applying for EU-Transport permits in the Netherlands.

In Germany the application of a Community licence is a big workload. The Application process has to have 24 positions worked on, for example: clearance certificate etc.

The Application process to receive a EU-permit usually can take half a year or longer at times. The Terms for example: a rented parkspace for a Lorry or the prescribed level of remuneration for a external Traffic Manager are excessive and mostly not feasible for economic reasons.

The Tax burden in Germany is way to high!

In the Netherlands the application and issue of approval usually only takes 5 to 21 Days. Unfortunatly with a EU-permit for another Member state, you can only transport to a limited amount within Germany, due to the Cabotage Rules.